Building "Green"


Sure, building “Green” is the new buzz word. But what does building Green really mean?

According to Nation’s Building News,

Green homes are defined by McGraw Hill as those containing energy-efficient, indoor air quality, water-efficient, resource-efficient and site management features. . . . .

The most highly used green building features were: air sealing/tight construction; increased insulation; water-reducing plumbing fixtures; Energy Star windows, appliances, HVAC, exterior doors and lighting; and instant tankless water heaters. . . .

The top five most important energy efficiency options were: high-efficiency HVAC equipment (94%), Low E glass windows (92%), reduced air infiltration (90%), more energy-efficient appliances (90%) and above-code energy programs such as Energy Star certification (84%). **

Bauer Homes, Ltd. has incorporated all of the above-note Green features, and we have experience using and installing many other Green products! Some of these are:


  • • Engineered wood products such as laminated beams and OSB panels that are manufactured with fast-growing, renewable timber.
  • • Demilec SEALECTION® 500 foam insulation. Spray-applied, it expands within seconds to fill every nook and cranny providing superior energy efficiency and improved indoor air quality by eliminating air movement through walls. SEALECTION® 500 reduces dust, making it the healthy choice for those who suffer from allergies, asthma or chemical sensitivity.
  • • Tyvek® house wrap and air-sealing to reduce air infiltration, reduce energy use and increase air and water resistance
  • • Low-flow plumbing fixtures to conserve water
  • • R-38 fiberglass batt attic insulation, an inherently green building material because it is designed to save energy; fiberglass insulation manufacturers use 25% to 40% recycled glass in their products. **
  • • Radiant Heat Barrier, which reflects radiant heat rather than absorbing it, resulting in lower energy usage.
  • • High-performance windows with Low E glass and argon gas for reduced energy use
    • 90+% efficient furnaces with high Seer ratings to reduce the use of fossil fuels
  • • Fluorescent lighting in garages and laundry rooms to cut the use of electricity
  • • ICF panels (Insulated Concrete Forms) / Reward Wall Systems made from recycled materials
  • • On demand tankless hot water heaters
  • • CRI Green Label certified carpeting, the higher standard for indoor air quality
  • • Energy-efficient Solatube® skylights, an eco-friendly lighting option
  • • Preplumb for future solar energy usage
  • • Solar water heaters which reduce greenhouse gas emissions and monthly utility bills
  • • Energy Star appliances
  • Tucson Rolling Shutters™ and Tucson SunFix® Screens, which stop 96% of harmful UV rays, reduce glare and offer great protection while maintaining beautiful views. Built right into the home, they roll down into place when needed and up out of sight when not in use.
  • • Draught resistant, low water usage desert landscaping
  • • The Integra™ Wall System, engineered post-tensioned concrete masonry wall units designed to offer all the benefits of a conventional masonry wall system, while at the same time providing superior thermal performance properties.


Even before building Green became mainstream, Bauer Homes was building homes with Green products and construction techniques including superior insulation, air sealing/tight construction, Low E energy efficient windows, water filtering systems, high-efficiency HVAC equipment and hi-performance OCF panels. While many “subdivision” or “trac” homes are Energy Star certified, Bauer Homes is a proud builder in the first Energy Star custom home subdivision in the State of Arizona.


Bauer Homes values continuing education and over the years we have stayed on the cutting edge of technology, incorporating design and construction technologies that reduce energy use. We start at the very beginning. After careful site analysis, each home is designed and oriented on the building site to minimize environmental impact and solar contributions. We consider the path of the sun across the site throughout the year, and shade windows and doors appropriately, while still allowing for the use of large windows to capture amazing city and mountain views.

We highly recommend the Owens Corning EnergyComplete™ system, a total home insulation solution that is less expensive, easier and safer to install than traditional spray foam, outperforms caulk, and can reduce homeowners’ heating and cooling bills.

Energy efficient and water conservation options can easily be incorporated into your new home. Ask us how we can help make your home more energy efficient!

** Cite/source available on request.